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Natural Masala

Special Masala By Old Champaran Meet House

Old Champaran Meet House is not just a name gained through trendy marketing gigs but a brand that has been earned through authenticity, hard work and taste that lasted generations.

Our customers love our dishes and the taste that we deliver. We are known for our non-veg cuisines throughout Bihar.

The secret behind our flavorful cuisines is our special Masala and love that we pour into our dishes. The masala that we use while preparing our non-vegetarian cuisines has remained in the family through generations. It is pure, organic, home-made and mixture of numerous daily used along with few secret ingredients.

However, we believe in spreading the secret that can help you cook a cuisine that can become talk of the town. Buy our secret Masala to cook a dish that smells and tastes special.

Natural Oil

Special Mustard Oil By Old Champaran Meet House

Cuisines that we prepare at Old Champaran Meet House has several special ingredient to it and one of the most essential one is the OIL that we use.

Oil is the most basic yet one of the most essential element of Indian cooking. The taste of our food is defined by the oil that we use and how we use.

At Old Champaran Meet House, the oil that we use comes fresh from the farm and is prepared under strict supervision. It is pure, organic, healthy, flavoursome and star of our dishes.

Want to have a taste of our dishes at your home, Buy Our Secret Masala Oil Now.

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We are all about great food and we are also passionate about great services we can offer to all of you

Food Delivery

Delivering smiles through our food from ages. We are now able to deliver food at your place.

Masala Special

Old Champaran Meat House offers special range of masala in their recipes which make us different from others

Outdoor Catering

We explore all avenues of catering services to serve you. We cater to outdoor events and parties.

Anil Decorater

No party is complete without an elegant decoration. We also offer party decoration services for all type of parties and occasions.

“ Their high quality of service makes me back over and over again!”

— Gopal Kumar

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